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Skills and Language Training


Employability, recruitment and upskilling services


Safeguarding and services for personal development

Employment & Training

As a leading welfare and work programme provider for government funded training, our focus is on improving lives, enhancing skills and supporting career prospects. The aim is to upskill people in the UK to move into employment or gain skills towards promotion or social mobility. Every person, every background is complex and different. This does not faze our team. Through experience, they know what the right support, advice and guidance should look like. Building confidence and self esteem can be just as important as learning practical skills for the workplace.

With programmes for the young and old, with or without qualifications or prior experience, we believe opportunity should be nurtured for all. We have specific programmes for Young People, Families, Over 50s and a range of employability workshops, support with job applications and interviews to ensure we can help people from all walks of life get started on, or back on, the employment or education ladder. Helping people find work is the ultimate goal, whether paid or work experience, and we work closely with over 1,500 employers.

Our partners include the Department of Work and Pensions, Education and Skills Funding Agency, public and third sector businesses and small community partners. We help organisations meet their specific objectives for government training initiatives which fall under the Employability & Skills Programme.

English Language Centres

We help students from all over the world to learn or improve their English. Studying at one of our schools in London, Eastbourne or Dublin is a great way to learn the language, meet students from around the world and become immersed in traditional cultures. Accommodation is key, we know it can make or break an experience. We have trusted relationships with hotels, hostels and host families to suit a range of needs and budgets. All tried and tested.

We have over 25 years’ experience in providing English training to help students reach their desired level in English through standard and tailor-made courses. The focus for an individual or group may be on improving writing, reading and listening skills or developing greater fluency and conversational skills. Our programmes include short holiday courses, English plus work experience, University Foundation, and exam preparation including IELTS and Edexcel. Quality is a given in our schools; London and Eastbourne schools have been accredited by the British Council for the Teaching of English in the UK and our school in Dublin is EAQUALS accredited.

International Internships and Volunteering

We have been helping UK and international students boost their career prospects through internships for more than 15 years. Internships are a great way for students or graduates to gain work experience in their chosen field and industry. Particularly for sectors that are very competitive like the creative, hospitality or engineering sectors, an internship can help students kick start their career and lead to future job opportunities. We have also helped people who are thinking about changing their field of work, where they can explore a new sector with our support every step of the way.

English Junior Summer Centres

At our Summer Centres around the UK and Ireland, we help young students aged 8 to 18 gain unforgettable experiences by combining fun activities and excursions with English tuition. The ethos is to learn, have fun and make happy holiday memories in safe, supervised settings where the young student’s health, wellbeing and welfare is our top priority. Our students study in class and practise their English in real life! They see new places, learn new skills and activities inspired by different cultures and, hopefully, make friends for life. Whether your goal is to continue your education, improve your career prospects, or simply have a fun experience in England or Ireland, we can find a course or programme for you.

School Group Travel

Our tours provide a wonderful opportunity for young students from overseas, typically aged 14 to 16, to participate in Educational School Trips to England or Ireland - where activities are planned to perfection! We work closely with Educational Tour Operators across Europe to plan exciting, bespoke mini-stay tours and programmes, tailored to budget and unique student needs. A trip to London and its exciting landmarks like The London Eye and The Tower of London may be top of the list. Or it may be the historic cities of Oxford, Cambridge and Stratford-Upon Avon or a vibrant English seaside town that appeals. The choices are numerous and accommodation is arranged in hotels, hostels or with host families with support ‘on the ground’ from local partners. All the while students can practise their English skills and most importantly have amazing fun!

Higher Education Services

Ƶ offers a suite of internationalisation services, support and industry connections providing innovative and entrepreneurial institutions the full range of experience, recruitment and career enhancing support that students now demand. 

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Ƶ apprenticeships, delivered by eTraining, is a provider of apprenticeships, traineeships, diplomas, and work-based learning. With a UK-wide reach, we have worked with hundreds of employers, providing flexible, affordable, and accredited training programmes for thousands of learners. 

Third Sector Consulting

Our social enterprise, 3SC, works in partnership with?third sector organisations, micro SMEs and expert consultants, across the UK to deliver quality services. We?win and deliver contracts in the employment, health and justice sectors and are experts in providing neurodiversity coaching solutions. As a membership organisation we offer a full range of specialist advice and support. Our mission is to foster partnerships with purpose.