Date: 13th October 2017

Hundreds of ladies descended on Cambridge dressed in red and purple to celebrate the fifth European Hoot.

The ladies, led by the sparkling Vivian Bewley, aka Queen Bee Vivvy V, were part of the Red Hat Society – a worldwide organisation with more than 70,000 supporting members.

They are a friendship group for ladies based on a poem called Warning by Jenny Joseph.

Mrs Bewley’s chapter is a known as the ‘Red Hat Bees of Bardwell’ and she began the organisation in 2014.

More than 200 ladies from seven different countries attended the Hoot, which has previously been held in Luxembourg, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. Mrs Bewley’s group is thriving with more than 40 members.

She said: “All the ladies stayed in the superb accommodation of Ƶ. A trickle of red and purple started to arrive, the first chapter from The Netherlands, and the next day 10 ladies from Sweden arrived and so it went on."

After the morning meet and greet the ladies headed off to The Grand Arcade where the centre management had kindly agreed to allow us to have a 
photo shoot. 

After the ladies eturned to Downing to change into elegant evening wear for pre-dinner drinks with a Red Hat Cocktail designed especially by the bar staff for the European Hoot.

“The cocktail, ‘Purple Rain’ went down a storm." The gong was sounded for dinner and guests went in procession into the hall which looked stunning bathed in candlelight for a delightful meal.

In the hall guests were delighted to hear the haunting sounds of local guitarist Woody playing everything from Bach to the Beatles.

The weekend was rounded off with many Hatters heading down to the river, a visit to Cambridge would not be complete without a chauffeured punt along the backs.